Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components
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L'eco Co-Design

The aluminium profiles of Estrallum are created to meet every need following the principle of Co-Design.

Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components

Estrallum Co-Design

Every item is created in collaboration with the customer to best meet their functional and aesthetic requirements through processes of precision and quality.

Co-Design is a method that seeks to involve all stakeholders in the conception, definition and creation of a project. All the actors of the groups are therefore involved in this process: industrial design, research and development, marketing and industrialisation, suppliers and partners.

The development phases of a co-design project can be summarised as follows:

  • Receiving of the customer's concept;
  • Feasibility analysis and study of possible usable materials;
  • Functional technical analysis of the components;
  • The creation of prototypes to verify the reliability of the project;
  • Production of a definitive drawing that satisfies functionality - aesthetics and industrial design.

The Estrallum company follows Thompson's vision which, already in 1997, indicated that sustainability must start from the design of the project: ”Most of the costs of a product and its environmental impacts are committed early in the Design process”. According to Thompson, in fact, the impact of design in terms of footprint is equal to 70% on a new project.


Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components

Why is eco co design a value?
Because producing design components with a green heart is environmentally, socially and ethically correct and responsible.

Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components

Eco-design is today the new frontier of design based on saving raw materials right from the planning stage. Estrallum is able to assist the customer in calculating the minimum thickness of the components to obtain less wastage of material while always ensuring the functional characteristics of the project.

The lightening of the sections and the coupling between components of different materials, without the use of silicone or adhesives, guarantees sustainable disposal at the end of the product's life. The basic philosophy of eco co design is to offer a service to customers, as well as a product, which takes into consideration the least possible impact on the environment.

Our company – which has always been attentive to environmental issues – offers the possibility of using aesthetic quality alloys made up to 75% from post-consumer recycled aluminium.

Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components
Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components

The new alloys used are characterised by:

  • Up to 75% recycled aluminium
  • Verified by DNV GL (traceability and quality)
  • Emissions between 2.3 kg CO2e/kg Al and 4.0 kg CO2e/kg Al depending on the alloy used
  • Environmental product declaration.
Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components

Write or call us for more information or to request an appointment with the professionals in the processing of extruded aluminum at Estallum.

Estrallum Milan | Extruded aluminium components
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